Fish borș

Who hasn’t eaten a real fish borș from the delta? Most tourists come to this miraculous place and for the exceptional seafood cuisine, its top being occupied by the fish borș made by real fishermen.

Many say that the fish borș or fish soup is better if made with water from the Danube. I do not recommend this experiment in any form, perhaps the bacteria flora of the fishermen is used to the water from the Danube, but not yours. It is preferable to be prepared with water from the drinking water network.

For a quality borș, we need at least five types of fish, some species of fat fish such as catfish, carp, pike, and something more with white fish like perch, whitefish. It is absolutely necessary and something whitish, low-quality fish, but extremely tasty in the pot mixture.

The best fish borș is made in a cast iron pot and necessarily over wood fire. We do not need many ingredients, fishermen use the four sacred vegetables: onion, potato, tomatoes, and bell pepper.

The onion cut into large slices, sometimes even half, is boiled until yellowed, subsequently, in the pot, the bell peppers and potatoes are added. When all these vegetables are almost boiled, the tomatoes and fish are added, which are not boiled for more than ten minutes. The fish is considered cooked when it rises above the water.

It is seasoned with vinegar, never with chicken broth, some fishermen mix it with egg. In the end, the delicious parsley is thrown over, which closes the list of ingredients that together make this miracle called fish borș.

At the table, the fish are necessarily removed to a tray, eaten separately to be able to choose the bones. And beware, do not forget the famous Lipovan fish mujdei, which also needs to be eaten carefully because in excess (especially with a drink), it can cause small storms in full stomachs.

The broth is also eaten separately, a mujdei will give it a unique, insane taste, as only in the Danube Delta can you find.


over at least five species
potatoes, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers
oil, salt, vinegar

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