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Danube Delta - birds Paradise

Danube Delta Romania- Guided Birdwatching Tours

The Danube Delta Nature Reserve: A Guide to the Natural Wonder

Birds in the Danube Delta

Birdwatching Tour in the Danube Delta

Enthusiastic ornithologists have the opportunity to admire throughout the year a number of 350 bird species, many of which are very rare in Europe. During the spring migration (April 15-June 15), the most attractive and interesting birdwatching period (as well as August-September), in a 8-10 days tour we can observe approximately 140-160 of bird species.


The Danube Delta is one of the last remaining natural paradises in Europe, characterized by a network of channels, lakes, and lushly vegetated forests. It is home to a diverse mix of cultures and people, and an abundance of wildlife, with the pelican being the most iconic bird species. This area, covering around 5800, is the second largest delta in Europe, formed around 12,000 years ago at the point where the Danube River flows into the Black Sea. The Danube Delta was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1990, and is managed by a state institution with the aim of preserving and protecting its natural heritage, as well as reconstructing areas damaged by human activities. The delta is home to a wide variety of fauna, including over 330 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and 3,018 species of invertebrates. The most common mammals include the otter, wildcat, racoon dog and wild boar, while fish species include carp, catfish, pike and sturgeons. The human population of the delta is around 15,000, living in 25 villages, with the largest town being Sulina.

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The Danube Delta Nature Reserve: A Guide to the Natural Wonder

About Danube Delta

The Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is the second largest river delta in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to over 350 species of birds, making it a paradise for birdwatchers.

On a Wild Travel tour, you will have the opportunity to take a boat tour through the delta, spotting rare birds and other wildlife such as otters, beavers and dolphins. You will also have the chance to visit the Letea Forest, the oldest delta forest, which is home to century-old slender trees.

Danube Delta in images

All the photos on this website are taken by your guide: Mihai BACIU

Discover local cuisine

Culinary Recipes from the Danube Delta
for our guests

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The Danube Delta is perhaps the most spectacular place in Romania where you can take some breathtaking photos. Water, fog, rain or sunset, channels and reed beds, birds or animals, fishermen with their boats, at any time of day, the Danube Delta attracts photographers like a magnet. We invite you on a trip with us to return home with a huge portfolio of photos or unforgettable memories.

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Out boats

Our boats are slow or fast. Both categories offer comfort and various possibilities for spending a vacation in the Danube Delta in peace and especially in safety. The slow boat has terraces, kitchen, toilet, lounge, generous space. The fast boat is new, comfortable, elegant, and has modern lines.

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Local cuisine

The Danube Delta is recognized for its special dishes, completely different from anywhere in the country. The mixture of Slavic culture, Lipovan or Ukrainian fisherman, with Romanian or Tatar traditions, all of this makes this place a paradise of exotic foods, tastes that you can only find here. From fish soup to fish pie, from vareniki to storceag, the indispensable carp roe with onion, aromas, flavors, in a word: an unforgettable trip to the Danube Delta.

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Local wines

With all these exotic dishes, a high-class Dobrogean wine could not be missing. Whether we talk about the famous Aligote de Niculițel, the white or pink wines from Macin, the newer liqueurs from the Cogealag or Babadag wineries, all of these adorn a rich table, with a quality, fresh fish. And don't forget, before any fish soup, a plum or quince brandy from Dobrogea is served.


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