Wild Travel is a Romanian company wich promotes eco tourism in the Danube Delta. Founded by the ornithologist Mihai Baciu, the company organizes tours in the Danube Delta, based on birdwatching, wildlife photography or simply relaxing in nature, with its own or rented boats.

Mihai BACIU is the manager of the company and the main guide.

He is a nature photographer, ornithologist and writer, having published 4 books about the birds of the Danube Delta and its surroundings, with the photographs he took over the years. He was a ranger in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, where he got his passion for bird watching and guiding tourists.

The books are written in Romanian and translated into Italian, English, French and German.

In the pages of the books there are more than 300 species of birds that can also be seen in the tours organized by the company.

Mihai is also the captain of the company’s main vessel called “CODRUTZ”.

He speaks French, Italian and English.

Valentina is Mihai’s wife and is the cook of the ship “CODRUTZ”, the company’s main vessel.

Valentina is a passionate cook, a former participant in the Romanian show “Master Chef”, but she is also a very good connoisseur of the delta, being originally from the Lipovans,  Russian community, which forms the majority of the delta’s inhabitants.

She has extensive experience in traveling, she climbed Everest (not to the top…), she visited almost all of Africa and Asia…

She speaks English, Russian and Italian, understands French well.

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