Fauna from Danube Delta

Fauna from Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is one of the most important wetland areas in Europe, known for its faunistic and floristic diversity. The fauna of the Danube Delta includes a variety of animal species, such as:

· Birds: The Danube Delta is renowned for the large number of bird species that live here or use the area as a stopover during migrations. These include the sandpiper, cuckoo, egret, tern, pelican, spoonbill, marsh harrier, and little terns, etc.

· Reptiles: The Danube Delta is home to a variety of reptile species, such as the water snake, house snake, viper, Dobrogean dragon, and terrapin.

· Fish: The area is rich in fish species, such as the catfish, carp, roach, pike, zander, bream, and sturgeons.

· Mammals: The Danube Delta is also a good home for a variety of mammals, such as the wild boar, otter, chamois, jackal, and deer.

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