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We run only slow tours

Our tours with slow boat - 2024

Discover the majestic beauty of the Danube Delta on a slow boat excursion. Enjoy a leisurely, noiseless journey and admire the delta’s splendor as if on a big screen. The spacious outdoor terraces, wooden deck for barefoot walking, and exceptional ship services and professional guide will contribute  dream vacation. Experience the tranquility of the delta, surrounded by birds and nature, all while cruising on one of the most beautiful boats from the delta.

Book the Ultimate Danube Delta Birdwatching Experience

Our tours with slow boat - 2025

Culinary recipes from the Danube Delta

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Fish borș

Who hasn’t eaten a real fish borș from the delta? Most tourists come to this miraculous place and for the exceptional seafood cuisine, its...

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Carp baked in the oven

Baked carp is definitely one of the basic recipes of Delta cuisine. Of course, this dish can be made with other fish but the most suitable is...

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In recent years, storceag has entered the menu of almost all deltaic pensions and restaurants. However, not many people know what it really is...

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