Culinary recipes from the Danube Delta



In another pan, onions cut into slices, fat bell pepper  or flesh,  sliced, and thin slices of carrots are fried. Definitely some peppercorns and a

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In recent years, storceag has entered the menu of almost all deltaic pensions and restaurants. However, not many people know what it really is and,

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Fish borș

Who hasn’t eaten a real fish borș from the delta? Most tourists come to this miraculous place and for the exceptional seafood cuisine, its top

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Local cuisine

The Danube Delta is recognized for its special dishes, completely different from anywhere in the country. The mixture of Slavic culture, Lipovan or Ukrainian fisherman, with Romanian or Tatar traditions, all of this makes this place a paradise of exotic foods, tastes that you can only find here. From fish soup to fish pie, from vareniki to storceag, the indispensable carp roe with onion, aromas, flavors, in a word: an unforgettable trip to the Danube Delta.

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Local wines

With all these exotic dishes, a high-class Dobrogean wine could not be missing. Whether we talk about the famous Aligote de Niculițel, the white or pink wines from Macin, the newer liqueurs from the Cogealag or Babadag wineries, all of these adorn a rich table, with a quality, fresh fish. And don't forget, before any fish soup, a plum or quince brandy from Dobrogea is served.

Meet our cheef

Valentina is a passionate cook, a former participant in the Romanian show “Master Chef”, but she is also a very good connoisseur of the delta, being originally from the Lipovans, Russian community, which forms the majority of the delta’s inhabitants.

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