Who is your guide?

My name is Mihai Baciu and for 10 years I was ranger for Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. My job there was a good school to learn the Danube Delta, the places and people, the nature including also my hobby-birds.

At 2000, I found in Sulina, near the Black Sea coast, 9 exemplare of WHITE TAILED LAPWING (Chettusia leucurus) wich now is called Vannellus leucurus. It was the first european observation for this bird in wedding dance. For me, the name CHETTUSIA stayed in my heart and getting in time the name of my company, my boats, my photo camera.

Four years ago I bought my first photo camera, a CANON D 30 with a 100-300 mm lens. And photography is now a great part of my life.

In 2010 in Tulcea I opened my first exhibition in the new Danube Delta museum. In 2011 I had two expo, one in Romexpo, the largest tourism saloon of Romania and another one in France, in Milizac-Brest, invited by romanian comunity from there.

Now I use a NIKON D7000 with lens 300 mm f 4 and otheer smallest lens.

Because I want to be every day in the Danube Delta, I am also the captain of “MAR” my boat, so the possibility to be your guide is big one.

What I can say more? Welcome in the Danube Delta with Eco Chettusia..

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