Pine bunting – Emberiza melanocephala

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The pine bunting (Emberiza leucocephalos) is a passerine bird in the bunting family Emberizidae, a group most modern authors now separate from the finches, Fringillidae. It lives in Eurosiberia east of the Urals.

The pine bunting is a robust 16–17.5-centimetre bird, with a thick seed-eater’s bill. The male has a white crown and cheeks, and a chestnut forehead and throat, and a heavily streaked brown back. The female is much duller and is more streaked on its undersides. Non-breeding plumage is like that of a yellowhammer, but with all the yellow replaced by white. Its song and calls are like those of the yellowhammer.

Not very common observation in Romania.

photo: Mihai Baciu


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