in the Danube Delta – Romania.


The best way to take in the majestic beauty of the Danube Delta is on a cheerful ship services and professional guiding will reward your option for slow tourism. Feel the tranquility of the scenario, surrounded by birds and nature, all while cruising on the most suitable boat for an authentic experience in the Danube Delta.

Departure: Tulcea harbour
Seats available: 12
Total seats: 12
Price: 930 euro/pers

7 nights accomodation in guesthouse in delta

-all trip meals

-all trip boat 

-all trip guide

-mineral water, tea, cofee for free, wine at table

Autumn in the delta is definitely magical. The colors of the trees, the stew, the warm autumn colors, all these make the delta an excellent place to visit in autumn.

Day 1. Transfer from the airport to Tulcea, in the Delta hotel. Accommodation in this beautiful hotel, located near the Danube. Dinner together making the plan for the next few days.

Day 2. Tulcea – Mile 23. For four nights we will stay at Casa Monea in Mila 23, one of the agro-tourism locations in the area that our company has supported and promoted over the years. We have been working with this family for over 24 years and we are happy that most tourists want to stay here.

Monea, the owner is a fisherman (so fresh fish on the table), Liuba, his wife makes some dreamy traditional dishes.

Up to Mila 23 we will cross a very beautiful Sontea canal, the Olgutza canal, Lacul Nebunu, with a lot of birds such as herons, egrets, pelicans, ibis, spoonbills.

Day 3. Mile 23 – Letea – Mile 23. In principle, we make the trip with two motor boats, we try to see the most spectacular places. It is an absolutely new route for all those who have been with us over time. Sandwich for lunch. Come back to Mila 23 for dinner and accomodation.

Very good place for ducks, herons, crakes.

Day 4. Mila 23 ,  Caraorman, Lake Puiu. A great day for waders, hoopoes, terns, pelicans of both species, birds of prey, penduline tit. Lunch on board, travel past Bogdaproste and the Trei Iezere lake to the village of Mila 23. Day 5. Starting with the village of Mila 23 we will visit a very beautiful monastery, BATAG, located in the middle of the reed area. After the visit we will continue the day with short trips in small boats to very, very wild places where we could see the birds one to two meters away. It’s a day for pelicans, squacco heron, purple heron, king fisher, waders, etc… Lunch on board, dinner and accommodation in Mila 23 village.

Day 6.After the breakfast at your guest house, starting another nice day, return to Tulcea town on Sontea, Olgutza, Sireasa, Mila 35 canals. Of course, a short break for coffee on Fortuna lake will be great. As birds… full day for herons, swans, pelicans, egrets, white tailed eagle and more, more others.. Lunch on board, including very tasty Romanian wine. Accommodation in Tulcea, in Delta hotel.

Day 7. By bus we will visit one of the richest places in Romania for birds, located near the Black Sea coast, called VADU. It is a place for surprises, here could be citrine wagtail, and many other species of birds. It is a breeding place for the tern, the black tern, the kingfisher, etc.. Lunch as a picnic, dinner and accommodation in Tulcea.

Day 8. Transfer to Bucharest, depending on the plane. Included breakfast.

Your guide Mihai Baciu is the author of the books: “Birds in the Danube Delta”, “Birds from the Danube Delta” and “Birds from the Danube Delta and its surroundings” (translated into French, English, Italian and German) 

Your guide Mihai Baciu is the author of the books: “Birds in the Danube Delta”, “Birds from the Danube Delta” and “Birds from the Danube Delta and its surroundings” (translated into French, English, Italian and German)



For information and reservations, you can contact us by phone: +40.744.224.897

-autumn colours

-autumn bird migration

-not so many speedboats in the Danube Delta then

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Each tourist entering the Danube Delta needs an entrance permit. You can obtain it online at the following address:

It's good to know:

  • Rain poncho is good to have in the luggage
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun protection cream
  • Seasonal appropriate clothing
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Clothing in colors as close to nature as possible, green, brown…
    This helps us get as close to birds as possible.

Culinary recipes from the Danube Delta

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In another pan, onions cut into slices, fat bell pepper  or flesh,  sliced, and thin slices of carrots are fried. Definitely some peppercorns and a

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